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Saturday DB Recreation

DB Rec 4/21/18 - No Ride, 2 Suggestions
By Ron Shome
Posted on 4/20/2018 11:42 AM
Chances are very high that it will rain Saturday morning, and throughout the day.  I'm scheduled to be the DB Rec ride leader--however I've got a cold and unable to ride if it is dry.  So at this point there will not be a DB Rec ride from Spring Creek and Coit this week, unless another ride leader contacts me to take over this time.  You can check here for updates before the ride, in case it is dry and someone steps forward.

Pat Howard is scheduled to lead DB Lite, if rides are not cancelled, you can ride with him.  (login to see Pat's comment below)

If it does not rain, Analyn Urpi will be at the Red Balloon Ride in Plano and you may ride with her.  She currently leads Tuesday Night Coed Ride, and last year she led DB Rec as well.  Or you can ride this rally at your own pace.

Hope to see you on April 28th with good weather!