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Saturday DB2

The Deuce: DB2 6/9/18 7am start for a 57 mile ride
By John Bray
Posted on 6/8/2018 6:50 PM

~ DB2 riders 6/9/18 7am start for a 57 mile ride to WRL ~
It's summertime, but weather is looking pleasant, and thought it would be a good time for some DBL riders looking to make a move up to DB2 to try it out. Please see comments down below.
We will follow the route below with a rest stop around 31 miles and a "go at your own pace" after the rest stop along the west side of WRL. We will come in within the DB2 posted rolling average of 17-18.5 MPH and I venture to guess in the middle to upper range given the light winds tomorrow. Please remember this is a drop ride but we wont leave any rider for a mechanical or if you get caught at a stop light. Even though temps aren't crazy hot dont forget to hydrate (which you should have been doing all week).

DBL Riders - For those considering, I have coordinated with the DBL Ride Leader for tomorrow and taking a very similar route. The only difference is towards the end of the ride I added a few extra miles to get us to 57 (tried to get 60 but I'll ease you in). So you will have DBL to fall back to until we get 49 miles in, then you are all mine!  Please let me know in the morning if you are a DBL rider moving up so I can keep an eye on you.

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