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Saturday DB2

The Deuce: DB2 to Aubrey (65) 8/17 START AT 7AM
By Curtis Williams
Posted on 8/17/2018 4:27 PM
DB2 is headed to Aubrey for 65 miles with rest stops at 24 and 47 miles.  We have some long stretches of road that will be good for pace lines.

Weather is Warm with light winds at 5 to 7 mph out of the SW.

We will follow this Route

Reminder: this is a DROP ride so please have a SAG plan if you should find yourself in a predicament, but we will not drop a rider due to mechanical or if you get caught at a stop light.  We will average between the posted rolling average on 17 - 18.5 mpg

Check-in by 6:45am, rubber side down 7:00am