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Saturday DB1

DB1, 4/21/2018, Zwift - Watopia Figure 8
By Chris Heaton
Posted on 4/19/2018 7:20 AM
Hi Folks, the weather forecast does not appear to be cooperating for an outdoor ride on Saturday let's Zwift again:

Please see the following for our DB1 Zwift Virtual Ride on Saturday, Apr-21:

Meet Up @ 8:20AM CT near 200M marker before start/finish line
Roll Out @ 8:30AM CT

When logging into Zwift under the START menu, you must do several things for an enjoyable experience:
(1) For ROUTE, select: “Figure 8” (18.4 miles, 829 feet of elevation) - please note that we will ride this route twice for a total of 36.8 miles and 1,658 feet of elevation!
(2) For JOIN ANOTHER ZWIFTER?, select: “Chris Heaton PBADB1"
(3) For ease of identifying everyone during this ride:
     a) Append “PBADB1” to your last name in your Zwift settings (go to, Login, Settings).
     b) Use the Vintage 1 jersey shown below (in the Zwift app, Menu, Customize, Jersey).

(4) For communication during the ride, we will only use the Discord app for verbal communication as it is highly cumbersome and untimely to message while Zwifting. I highly encourage everyone to test this out prior to our ride. You should be able to connect to the Discord server below at any time.
     a) The Discord app is free and can be found at
     b) Configure for Push-to-Talk to avoid excessive background noise.
     c) Connect to the following server:
     d) Make sure you join the “Voice Channel” when connecting to the server.

No rest stops, please have your fans, water bottles, towels, etc. setup and ready to go. I will attempt to keep this near a DB1 effort. Please expect the first 10 minutes at around 1w/kg to warm-up and then 2w/kg - 3w/kg for the remainder of the ride. We may adjust during the ride based on the tendencies of the group. Please note that this is a virtual drop ride (front and back).

Questions? Let me hear from you.