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Monthly Saturday Gravel Ride

Gravel ride (8/4/18)- Celina -31 / 26 mile options
By Peg Henderson
Posted on 8/2/2018 9:27 PM

The August PBA monthly gravel ride is scheduled for Saturday, August 4th in Celina. 
Start location:  Celina Elementary School
550 S Utah Dr.; Celina, TX 75009

Arrive 7:15 am. Be ready to roll at 7:30. NO drop ride.

We will have 2 groups this week. 
1. 31 miles at 12-14 mph.
2. 26 miles at 10-12 mph. (will skip the loop from mile 11-17)


Bring your Gravel/Cross/Mountain bike out and join the fun! For those who have never ridden gravel before but are curious here are a few tips:

* GRAVEL is more work than riding paved roads, you will eat more food and drink more water (yes even at 10 mph). For the best experience, it is recommended you regularly ride Tweeners or above for the most enjoyable experience. For Group 2, it is recommended you ride B2 on a regular basis.

* GRAVEL is an Adventure - plan to get dirty, water a tree (there are no facilities on most routes), and have a good time with your friends. 

* GRAVEL can be unpredictable - therefore when it comes to tires, the wider the better. The leaders are often on mountain bikes but that is not required. HOWEVER, you don't want to be on 23 mm road tires!!!

* GRAVEL riders are self-sufficient - be sure to bring everything you and your bike needs for a successful ride (food, water, spare tubes, pump, tire levers, etc.)

* GRAVEL is dirty - don't wear your brand new pristine white cycling shoes if you don't want them dirty.  Along those lines, dirt and dust tend to build up on water bottles so camelback is better in this regard.

* GRAVEL can be unpredictable - therefore if it's your first ride and you have concerns about clipping in, platform pedals and sneakers may be a better option than clipping in.

We follow all PBA and Texas Transportation Code rules and laws; stop at all stop signs, signal when turning, calling out road conditions, etc. As the largest road cycling club in the North Texas area, we are stewards of the road and it is our responsibility to be good cyclists – even on gravel roads.