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RideWithGPS Club Account

Ron Shome  | Published on 7/31/2018
PBA Ride Leaders are the target audience for this article, but any member might benefit from this news.

PBA now maintains a RideWithGPS account for use by Ride Leaders and Interested Members.

PBA has encouraged Ride Leaders to use RWGPS to create and publish routes, going back to when Steve Standifer was Ride Coordinator.  This function had been available without restriction until recently, when RWGPS disabled many of the features Ride Leaders rely upon (editing cues, adding custom cues, adding POIs, etc.).  RWGPS asks for a monthly membership fee now to restore these functions.

PBA Response:
As a club, we use RWGPS regularly for most of our rides, and especially any ride that varies its route.  It's an important tool for us.  So the club has now subscribed at the club level to allow all ride leaders to create routes with full functionality and publish them as well.

Actions Required:
If you want access as a "Route Manager" (someone who can create routes), please email me at with your preferred email address (one you use to log into RWGPS, whether free or paid).  While you're at it, please send me your other contact details too, as my list may not be current.  **UPDATE** Please do the above actions, but you must actually log into your RWGPS account and then click: Link.  Giving me your information will allow me to tag your account as a PBA Route Manager.

Ride Leader Benefits:
In addition to creating routes fully, it seems once you log into the PBA Club account, you can export routes to your Garmin without free account restrictions.

Member Benefits:
If we so desire, we can later add PBA members to our RWGPS club account.  This will allow anyone with the RWGPS app to access club routes and navigate them without becoming RWGPS paid members.