Member Accomplishments


Our riders take an active interest in new riders. Many of our ride leaders and members will take the time to ride side-by-side with our new riders to explain to them the importance of calling out road hazards, how to improve riding technique to become a better rider, and provide key tips to help meet riding goals. Our Facebook group and Forum are great places to post questions and receive feedback from members with countless years of experience. With new content added to our training classes and website, we constantly look for how we can improve performance, our presence on the road, and in the community.

Member accomplishments

Our members have had a lot of success on the road and many more continue to chase their goals. Here are some of the many accomplishments shared by our members. If any of these relate to your goals, our members typically will make time to discuss what you may need to do to reach those goals.

Hotter’N Hell 100 – 62 members completed select distances in the endurance ride with 16 completing the full 100 mile route.

Livestrong – 7 members competed and completed the 100 mile ride while raising over $3000 for Cancer research.