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October-March 8:00
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September 7:30

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Novice 12-30 Let's Do This! 8:00am

2 weeks 6 days ago #25725

Novice Rider Friends, Let's ride 2017 out with a bang! Saturday looks as good as it's going to get. Let's do our novice route at 8:00am, 17 miles, at 12-13 mph average. The weather might not be great but Sunday is worse. This will be a ride for the pure enjoyment of being with your bike outside! Join us for good company and we'll freeze together. Let's enjoy some coffee together afterwards too. Spring Creek and Coit is the the meetup place. It will be 40 degrees and not get any warmer, cloudy, and low winds. I'll watch the rain chances and post cancellations.

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