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Step-Up Ride for Nov. 11th, 8 AM Start

3 months 1 week ago #25574

At this writing (Friday, 6 AM, Nov 10th) the weather forecast for Saturday morning, November 11th, across the ride area is good -- The Weather Channel has it as a 0% chance of rain now through Saturday afternoon with low-mid 50s, mostly cloudy with moderate winds (9 - 11 mph). As always if there is a major change in the forecast, check the PBA website, Saturday Step-Up Ride page, for any delay/cancellation notice that will be posted by 6:15 AM Saturday. If you don't see a cancellation notice by 6:15 AM, then I'm planning to be at the start area and we'll call a go/no-go from there.

The start area is in the parking lot of the Stonewood Professional Office Park (33 deg 03' 29" N 96 deg 46' 25" W). This is just to the west of the shopping center at the northwest corner of Coit and Spring Creek. Please meet and sign-in at 7:45 AM for the pre-ride briefing ready to go so we can ride off at 8 AM. Please dress for conditions and remember water, helmet, tire repair kit, and air-up your tires and check your bike before the pre-ride briefing. We'll plan to do the normal Step-Up 33.5 mile route at an average of about 13 - 14 MPH. Step-Up avg speeds for the last few months of rides have been between 13.2 and 13.8 mph.

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