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Step-Up Ride for Sat, Feb 10th, 8:00 AM Start

1 week 5 days ago #25926

At this writing (Friday, Feb 9th 8AM) the weather for Saturday for the riding area is mid-50s, 15% chance of rain overnight and into Saturday morning and light winds. We'll set the planned start for 8:00 AM, assuming the rain doesn't materialize for our ride area. Check the PBA Facebook page or the Step-Up page on the PBA Ride Forums webpage on Saturday morning for possible further delay or cancellations of the ride should the rain coverage be much different than the current prediction. Any additional delay or cancellation notice will be posted by 6:15 AM Saturday morning. If you don't see any up-date notice by 6:30 AM, then I'm planning to be at the start area by 7:20 AM and we'll call a go/no-go from there.

The start area is in the parking lot of the Stonewood Professional Office Park (33 deg 03' 29" N 96 deg 46' 25" W). This is just to the west of the shopping center at the northwest corner of Coit and Spring Creek. Please park in the spaces against the barrier separating this lot from the lot behind the shopping mall where the other PBA riders park. Please meet and sign-in at 7:45AM for the pre-ride briefing ready to go so we can ride off at 8:00 AM. Please dress for conditions and remember water, helmet, tire repair kit, and air-up your tires and check your bike before the pre-ride briefing. We'll plan on riding the usual 33.5 mile Step-Up route at an overall average between 13 and 14 mph. Average speeds for the last few months of rides on the normal 33.5 mile route have been between 12.9 and 13.7 mph. The web address that should give a view of the Step-Up route is below:


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