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October-March 8:00
April-May 7:30
June-August 7:00
September 7:30

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DB Lite 7/15 52ish to Rowlett 7 am start

6 months 2 days ago #25226

We're going with the old faithful Rowlett Route ( here ) tomorrow. I'm nursing a sore back, so help up front will DEFINITELY be a must. We will have a sprint zone on Brand on the way back for those of you who want to stretch your legs a little. Tomorrow looks to be a warm one (welcome to Texas, right?!), so hydrate in advance, make sure you dress appropriately, and bring water to get you to the rest stop. If the small chance of rain in the forecast materializes and we have to cancel the ride, I'll post here by 6:30 so you (hopefully) have plenty of notice.

•Please be signed in early enough to get the “speech” out of the way and be on the road by 7:00.
•Rest stop is at the RaceTrac at 66 and Chiesa (about 29 miles in), bring enough water to get you there. We can plan for a second if anyone feels like they need to stop.
•We’ll average somewhere in our 16-17.5 range. It is a DROP ride, so be sure you have a SAG plan.
•We will wait for riders who are caught at lights (please don’t run them) or have mechanicals, but it’s up to you to make sure the group knows you’re back.
•Use ridewithgps.com to print a cue sheet or download the route into your Garmin so that if we need to split into multiple groups due to size we can.
•As much as I enjoy being up front, help is GREATLY appreciated.
•You must wear a helmet.
•Headphones, speakers, and any form of music is not allowed.
•Ride a straight line and do not overlap the wheel in front of you.
•If you hear it, repeat it. Messages back and forward get lost in the middle, so it’s up to you to make sure they keep moving through the group.

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