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The Deuce—2017/07/15—Following DB1, almost. 62 mi.

6 months 2 days ago #25229

I kind of like the DB1 route for tomorrow, except they don't have a cue sheet. I tried copying the route to make one, also changing the end of the route slightly, and had trouble with Ride With GPS. So I don't have a map or cue sheet that I like, but we can crib off of DB1's. We'll be going up to Celina, then further north, over through Weston and then south on some roads I don't think I've ever ridden. I sure hope they're not dirt roads. We'll take off at 07:00, so be there by 6:45 for the sign-in and speech.

Here's a link to the Route: DB1 20170715 Weston Route

I went back to RWGPS and fought with it some more, and I emerged victorious!
Here's a new route with my modifications on it: DB2 20170715 Weston <That's a different name.

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