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October-March 8:00
April-May 7:30
June-August 7:00
September 7:30

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4/16 BnB

10 months 4 days ago #24883

Normal route a little less than 50 miles but better roads. Arrive before 7:20 am to sign in. The rubber hits the road at 7:30am at least that's the plan!

I borrowed / stole some of the following from Tim as his posts are much tidier than mine!

Details are:

  • Expect an average speed somewhere in the middle of our 17 - 19 (but might be wishful thinking) mph range.
  • Depart from the usual Bagels location at Legacy and Independence just north of Dunkin' Donuts.
  • Separate sign in and briefing from the "classic" Bagels ride. We normally do sign-in just north of the classic Bagels group.
  • Wheels down at 7:30 AM, so be there ready to ride for signin by 7:20.

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