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October-March 8:00
April-May 7:30
June-August 7:00
September 7:30

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DB Rec 3/18 56.6 miles to Arts District and Trinity Grove 8:00 a.m.

10 months 6 hours ago #24750

Putting the recreation back into "Rec", we'll amble to downtown and then across the Trinity river to parts less traveled. Think of it as a slightly technical riding challenge with much different scenery than the typical suburban routes we generally follow. Pay close attention and you'll also notice the socio-economic roller coaster of our surroundings along the route. We'll average between 16 and 16.5 mph. Technically a drop ride, I won't leave anybody alone for the urban dwellers to feed upon if they do not have a reliable SAG plan but do choose wisely. Weather forecast is delightful: Weather

Here is the ROUTE

Rest Stop is the 7/11 in the Arts district @ mile 24. Bring two water bottles, minimum. However, if necessary, we can do an optional water stop in Addison at mile 44.

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