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DB Rec 11/11 60 miles Rockwall route 8:00am

3 months 1 week ago #25584

I agree with Matt. You may want to avoid Renner @ 75. Anything between Renner and Parker will be ugly. It may even impact Beltline to Legacy. They are partially demolishing the Plano Parkway bridge.


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3 months 1 week ago #25579

Beware that traffic will be bad at 75 and Renner due to the closure of 75 in both directions

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3 months 1 week ago #25575

Weather is looking good. We will start off at 51 degrees with at SE wind a 10 mph. The wind will pick up but we will have it at our backs on the way home. The temp will get up to 62 by 1:00 pm.

I have cut down the Rockwall 65 route down to 60 with some other changes to see if we can eliminate some difficult areas.

Route Link

1st change is a right turn on Angel Parkway to ease the turn on Parker. Old route went down to Lewis and we did not have a red light to help us turn.

2nd change is to continue down Liberty Grove and not turning left on Dalrock. Liberty Grove turns into a 4 lane road and we will not have cars backed up behind us. Also we will have a light to help us turn left on Princeton instead of the awkward Y intersection. Princeton turns into Dalrock and we are back on course.

3rd change is the 2nd stop has been moved back to the 7-11 at Rowlett rd and Dexham... HOT DOG :woohoo:

This is a drop ride, but no-one will be left behind without confirmation that they will get home safely via SAG or escorted. Also, the published pace for REC is 16 -16.5 MPH, so I'll do my best to pace the ride average, when completed, in that range. ;)

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