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Westside B Squared- April 8th- 7:30am Start

10 months 1 week ago #24846

Weather looks decent for tomorrow's ride but winds may be a little stronger at a predicted 15-20mph. Stephen Bacica and I will share the role of ride leader for tomorrow since Chris will be away for a rally.
He should be back at the helm next week and may even change up the route for those of you who like a little new scenery every once in a while.
Please be advised that all PBA rides start at 7:30am for the months of April and May.

We are planning to take the group on the tribute route with one, maybe two, stops. The total route is 39 miles. I won't have time this week to do any bonus miles but I am sure a group can repeat the bonus miles loop from a couple weeks ago.

Initial Route (39 miles):
PBA B Squared West Tribute 39

Bonus Loop (15 miles):
PBA Westside Bonus Miles 15

Please arrive early and be ready for 7:15 pre-ride. SEE YOU THERE!

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