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Sunday Bikes N Bagels

Bikes & Bagels (BnB) is a 45 to 50 mile ride with multiple map options influenced by the direction and speed of the wind. Average speed over the total distance is usually between 17 and 19 mph depending on the route, weather and dynamics of the group. There is always at least one convenience store rest stop. The ride starts and ends at the NE corner of Independence and Legacy, north of Dunkin Donuts. Please park along Independence away from the shops and Dunkin' Donuts. Riders are expected to have read the PBA group riding rules.

This is a Drop Ride, and riders should have a SAG plan. There are multiple sprint zones and regroup points along the ride.

It is a good idea to have a riding partner and a SAG plan in the event that you have over-estimated your ability or are having a low energy day. Since all riders are not able to navigate hills at the same pace, the ride will occasionally "soft-pedal" or pull aside into a parking lot to let riders catch-up and regroup. We will not leave you behind until your SAG plan has been deployed.

Road bikes are required for this ride.

Ride Schedule

Upcoming Events
Upcoming Events
April - May @ 7:30 am
June - August @ 7:00 am
September @ 7:30 am
October - March @ 8:00 am
NE corner of Independence and Legacy, north of Dunkin Donuts.
50 Miles
17 - 19mph
Derek Nugent, Curtis Williams
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We follow all PBA and Texas Transportation Code rules and laws; stop at all stop signs, travel single file on all two lane roads, signal when turning, calling out road conditions, etc.

Please read the PBA ride rules before your first ride.

Click to read the PBA ride rules
Click to read about ride preparation
Click to read about riding in a pace line