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Saturday Step-Up

Step-Up Ride for Feb 23rd - Decision 6:15 AM Sat.
By Jeffrey Totaro
Posted on 2/22/2019 4:35 PM
Weather forecast at this writing calls for overnight Friday into Saturday continued chance of rain and early morning fog until about 6 AM Saturday.  As the rain chance goes down in the morning strong winds are supposed to increase to over 20 mph in the morning (gusts to over 30 mph by noon).  I'll get up early, post to here and on Facebook whether the ride is a go or not.  If the weather comes in as now forecast, I will cancel the ride.  If not much more rain comes in and roads appear to be drying out and the updated forecast calls for less wind we'll be a "go".  The start time, if we are a go, will be 8 AM (sign in at 7:45) as temps are in the 50s and we'd want to get going if we can because wind will get worse as it gets later.   As always, updates from Ron Shome, PBA Ride Coordinator, supersede whatever I might be posting, so check for updates from him as well.  Max allowed predicted sustained wind for PBA developmental rides like Step-Up is 20 mph.