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Saturday B Squared

B^2 (42@14-15) 8/10 Done Looking to 8/17
By J. G. Gruver
Posted on 8/11/2019 3:41 PM

B^2 (42@14-15) added another ride into the history books.  Thanks to Anne B for being the ride leader, she will also be leading the 23rdedition of B^2 for 2019.  The days may be getting shorter and winter may be just around the bend, but in the meantime, it is still very hot, please continue to acclimate yourself to riding in the heat by riding during the week.  We have many riders who rode with us Saturday that are ready to move up to Tweeners if that is your goal congratulations.  For those that want to stick around with B^2, we will be there.  AND for those of you moving up from Step Up welcome.  We are adding 10 miles and 1 mph to what you have been riding with Step Up.  Depending on how much you ride that may be a big step. If it is a big step review your progress as heat related injuries are real.  Please check your machine early in the week enabling you to get any problems resolved and tested prior to the ride.  If your bike is making some unusual sounds it may be telling you something is wrong, or it may just be an irritating noise, either way it is best to figure it out and fix it. The ride is scheduled and Anne will be ready to roll on Saturday.  Look for any updates or changes to the ride from her.  Now, put down that electronic communicating device and go ride J, the day isn’t over!  Thanks.