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Saturday B Squared

B^2 (42@14-15) 24 August 7:00 a.m.
By J. G. Gruver
Posted on 8/17/2019 8:33 PM

B^2(42mi@14-15mph) Alrighty, August 17, is done and recorded in the record books.  We thank Anne B for leading another ride, “thank you”.  Thanks to the riders for making it an easy ride to lead.  On another note next week is the big Fandango in Wichita Falls, we wish everyone success in meeting their personal goals there and to be safe.  Meanwhile, back at the ranch B^2, we took a poll as to whether there was an interest in a B^2 ride on the 24th.  The results were higher than expected, there will be a ride.  Your ride leader will be John G. for the 24thedition of the B^2 ride for 2019, and on the 24th(that’s interesting).  We know everyone knows the following, but as B^2 is a PBA developmental ride so we refresh and remind. 

As always: 

  • We all know the heat is still with us, heck we are reminded every time we stick our noses outside. Heat injuries can be unforgiving so prepare wisely, as you have all summer.  Only you know what your body can and can’t do. There are plenty of places to get additional information if you need to review.  Preparation for the Saturday ride starts now, (actually it started weeks ago).
  •  Check your machine and kit, whatever you don’t check is what will be the problem.  If it wasn’t working 100% properly today get those issues resolved early, just in case you need some parts that may not be in stock. OR the stores are really busy with people getting geared up for the “Big Event”.
  • If you are stepping up to B^2 welcome, however, if you are unsure if you are ready, consider another week with Step Up until you are confident.  As noted above the heat shows no mercy, especially if there are some winds.
  • After you arrive at the start and are geared up consider taking a minute to take a quick spin around the parking lot.  Making sure all is in proper working order.  Better to find it out there than the ½ a mile down the road.
  • Review your ride checklist to make sure you have all your stuff; helmet, shoes, hydration, etc. You know I wouldn’t mention it if we hadn’t had people go home without riding because they showed up without a key item.  Or even worse having to call home waking up the spousal unit and begging for relief. Might cost you a dinner at Three Forks!

For those of you who rode B^2 group 2 today (8/17), I am still giggling over the reaction to the start at the second sprint zone.  Thanks for the laugh it was a classic!! J


Again, the ride is a go for August 24, @7:00 a.m. with a 6:45 sign-in and the required PBA briefing.  At this time, I see no need to make any other announcements on this ride. Unless the start time changes (highly unlikely) or it rains (possible but also highly unlikely) there will be none neither here nor on the FB page.  I figure the FB page will be swamped with pithy stuff about Wichita Falls and any ride “stuff” would be buried.  See you Saturday, have some great rides during the week and be safe.

Be Strong, Be Safe, Be-Squared