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RideWithGPS Club Account

Ron Shome  | Published on 8/23/2018

Ride With GPS Club (RWGPS) Account

PBA has recently subscribed to RWGPS at the club level, with benefits to all club members for club rides.

:  If you don’t already have a RWGPS account, please open one for free at  Once you have an account, you should connect your account to the PBA Club by clicking on:

When entering your details for the club, please enter your real first and last name, as we must be able to distinguish actual club members.  Those who use false names may be removed from the club account (if you’ve already set this up with a false name, please edit it soon to avoid removal).

Now you can click on the PBA logo on the left under “Organization” to view our routes.  We are migrating over our standard routes, and they will all be there in the near future.  Rides which use different routes weekly should begin posting those here soon as well.

Any route that is listed will allow you to either download it to your device (Garmin, Wahoo, etc.) with cues at your specified distance, or you can use the RideWithGPS smartphone app and get full navigation benefits for any club route.

To download a selected route to your Garmin/Wahoo/etc. device, click the “Export” tab  (due to recent changes, you may need to select "More" and then "View in Classic Mode").  If you scroll to the bottom, there are instructions for various devices.  Please review those that most closely match your device.

***Update 4/6/19 for Wahoo Elemnt devices.  Ends up the best way to import club routes into Elemnt is to first copy the club route to your personal RideWithGPS account on a pc (copy the Club route URL, log into your personal account, paste the URL in the address bar, then select "More"-->"Copy to My Routes").  Now the route is available through your Elemnt smartphone app under "Routes"; select it there and it will copy onto your Elemnt device.

To use PBA routes with the smartphone app, open the menu of the app and then select “Club Routes”.  Any route listed will allow you to navigate, with turn cues and voice commands if you wish.

Ride Leaders
: Please follow the instructions above, then email Ron at with the email address you use to sign into RWGPS so you can be tagged as a “Route Manager”, which will allow you to create club routes.

Once you are a “Route Manager”, to create routes, log into your personal RWGPS account, then click on the PBA logo, and then “Sign into Club”.  Your menu bar should turn Yellow in color.  Click the menu item “Plan” and follow the instructions here:

When saving, please specify the abbreviated ride name and exact mileage at the start of the ride title, for instance: “DBR 75.7 Aubrey”.  This will help users find rides as we accumulate dozens/hundreds of routes.  Here is a link for help on route managing:

If you want to copy or move your existing routes to the club account, simply log into your personal account, edit the selected route, then save.  When the “Save Route” box appears, make sure to select “PBA” in the 5th item “Add to group, event, or organization”.  Now you have a choice, to *copy* your route, select “Save as new” and PBA will have a duplicate of your route with a new URL.  If you want to *move* your route, select “Update” and PBA will now own the route, and the URL will not change.  This is useful if you’ve posted the route in the past and just want the route to be available to members will full navigation benefits.

If you require help, please email (after you’ve exhausted other avenues of help like the online help, and other ride leaders with experience).