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National Bike Challenge 2020

Peggy Foley  | Published on 4/18/2020
The National Bike Challenge 2020 is kicking off May 1st and runs through September.

Last year, PBA came in first in the nation (and in Texas) for riding more miles collectively than anyone else. We want to repeat that success this year, plus up the ante by recruiting the most riders to participate.

Just go to and sign up –– it's free and you won't be spammed with nonsense emails. Once you join, you can then go to your profile page and select the groups you ride with. Select PBA by searching for our name under Existing Groups.

From your profile page, you can also select which tracking device you'd like to use to count your miles.

Once you're set up there's nothing else to do but ride. All miles and rides will be tallied and you can be a part of the greatest bike club in America!

If you need help setting up or have questions, please email Peggy at