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The Plano Bicycle Association has over 30 club-sponsored rides weekly, riding 5 days each week. Our rides were developed to provide riding opportunities for all experience levels. So, whether you just bought your first bike or are a seasoned veteran, we have a ride to meet your needs. Please note, our Ride Leaders are instructed to maintain the integrity of the ride, meaning, they must manage both speed and distance to be within posted guidelines. There may be instances when speed may fluctuate depending on road and weather conditions. Please keep this in mind when choosing your ride.

For those new to our developmental rides, because all riders within a group are affected by a struggling rider, we ask that all new riders to our rides choose the ride below the one they feel is best suited to them until they can consistently complete that ride without feeling stressed at any point during the ride. This will ensure that all riders get the enjoyment from the ride that they were looking for. When you are able to successfully complete the ride without difficulty, the next step awaits you as your next challenge.

Saturday morning rides follow this progression: Novice, Step-Up, B Squared, Tweeners, DB Recreation, DB Lite, Forty Lite, DB2, DB1, Fast Forty, OAS Lite, OAS, OAS Long.

Seasonal Start Times

Most morning rides use the following start times unless otherwise mentioned on the specific ride page:

  • 8:00AM January - March
  • 7:30AM April - May
  • 7:00AM June - August
  • 7:30AM September
  • 8:00AM October - December

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Recent Blogs