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Saturday Novice

This ride, will be offered (unless explicitly cancelled) each Saturday from March through October and will be conditionally available during the remaining colder winter months (depending on expected weather & riding conditions). Watch for the PBA forum ride announcement each Friday evening during its "off" season.

This ride is for people who are new to group riding, but not completely new to riding. This is a 17-mile ride for beginners who are new to group riding, or anyone wanting a conversationally paced group ride. Group riding safety, etiquette, and skills will be covered in the briefing and practiced on the road.

Bring your bike with properly inflated tires, spare tube, tools to change a flat, helmet, and a full water bottle. Members and guests are welcome to join. Minors under 16 must be accompanied by a parent/guardian and minors 16-17 riding alone must bring a waiver signed by their parent/guardian. Everyone 18 and older signs a waiver at the ride start. This ride has a leader and maps are sometimes provided. We ride at an 11-12 mph average. We will cover about 8-9 miles in two 45 minute legs with a 10 minute break in the middle. Please be sure you can maintain this pace, have a flat kit and a properly fitting and working bike. This is a no-drop ride; however, if you do not have the proper equipment or level of experience, the ride leader may ask you to come back when you do.

Ride Schedule

Upcoming Events
Upcoming Events

Follows start time on the ride page
Gulledge Elementary School parking lot (Preston Meadow, just south of Legacy)
17 miles
11-12 mph
No Drop
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We follow all PBA and Texas Transportation Code rules and laws; stop at all stop signs, travel single file on all two lane roads, signal when turning, calling out road conditions, etc.

Please read the PBA ride rules before your first ride.

Every rider must have:

  • Bike
  • Helmet
  • Shoes (Closed toe, no flip-flops or sandles)
  • Water or sports drink
  • Flat repair kit
  • Weather-appropriate clothing
Click to read the PBA ride rules
Click to read about ride preparation
Click to read about riding in a pace line

Parking Location