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Saturday DB Lite

DB Lite is an Intermediate-level ride offered by PBA on Saturdays year around. The PBA ride progression in terms of speed and distance is: Novice, Step Up, B Squared, Tweeners, DB Rec, DB Lite, DB2, DB1, OAS Lite, and OAS. DBL rides faster and farther than Tweeners and slower and usually shorter than DB2.

DBL is a DROP RIDE, so please have a riding partner, route map, and a SAG plan in the event you have over-estimated your ability. The leaders will do their best to maintain group integrity by riding the published speeds and using re-group points. DB Lite will stop or soft pedal as a group for mechanicals and for those caught by traffic signals.

All pre-ride notifications concerning route and changes due to weather are communicated through the DB Lite forum and via Twitter (follow PBADBLite).

Please arrive 15 minutes before the start to allow time to sign in, introduce yourself to the ride leader, and hear the pre-ride briefing.

Ride Schedule

Upcoming Events
Upcoming Events
Follows start time on the ride page
3.5 hour ride
NW Corner of Spring Creek and Coit Rd.
45-55 Miles
16-17 MPH
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We follow all PBA and Texas Transportation Code rules and laws; stop at all stop signs, travel single file on all two lane roads, signal when turning, calling out road conditions, etc.

Please read the PBA ride rules before your first ride.

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