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This is our elite ride where our top athletes strut their stuff. With top speeds and distances, you must be able to complete an OAS Lite ride easily in order to hang with this group. Routes will vary and are at the ride leaders discretion and may have shorter distance options, via route shortcuts. Riders must be familiar to, and practice safe pace line basics as all riders participate in the paceline. OAS Lite stops as a group for mechanical problems and flat tires. At least 1 rest stop on every ride. This is a "Drop" ride, so have a SAG plan. Riders should arrive at the lot 15 minutes before departure time to sign the PBA ride waiver and listen to pre-ride announcements.

Ride Schedule

Upcoming Events
Upcoming Events
Follows start time on the ride page
3 - 3.5 hour ride
NW Corner of Spring Creek and Coit Rd.
60 - 75 Miles
20+ MPH
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Ride Announcements

We follow all PBA and Texas Transportation Code rules and laws; stop at all stop signs, travel single file on all two lane roads, signal when turning, calling out road conditions, etc.

Please read the PBA ride rules before your first ride.

Click to read the PBA ride rules
Click to read about ride preparation
Click to read about riding in a pace line