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Saturday DB Lite

DB Lite 11-19-22 TBD
By Scott R Watters
Posted: 2022-11-17T20:19:57Z

Let's not mince words here... the forecast is not super inviting for a ride. I'm seeing mid-30's until nearly 11:00am. If the temps fall below 35F, our club ride administrator will make the go / no-go call. Below 40F, it's the ride leaders call. I'll coordinate with Daryn and we will make an announcement late Friday.

Join us Saturday November 19th, 2022, time TBD. Arrive 15 minutes early for the pre-ride speech. This is a drop ride so please make sure you have the route downloaded and a plan should you need to SAG.

We will follow DB2 at just a touch slower pace (16-17.5 MPH weather permitting).

Please prepare yourself for COLD weather. Layer up and pack some Kleenex!

Route will be posted mid-day Friday.