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Saturday DB Recreation

DB Rec 9/21/19 7:30am 57.0 miles Trinity River
By Ron Shome
Posted on 9/20/2019 4:25 PM
It'll be even cooler, and cloudy this time around, with winds from the south, so we'll head to Dallas Arts District, passing notable sites such as Booker T. Washington High School for the Performing and Visual Arts, Winspear Opera House, Meyerson Symphony Center, and Dallas Museum Of Art.  We'll cross the Trinity River on the Ronald Kirk Pedestrian Bridge (short photo op stop).  Due to the nature of the route, and headwind heading out, our pace may be on the lower end of our range.  Still it should be a nice morning on the bike!

WEATHER (as of 5pm Friday):
The forecast predicts 75°F at 7:30am and 89°F (heat index 90°F) at noon.  Winds are forecast to be increasing 9-13mph from the SSE/S.  We'll have mostly cloudy skies and 5% chance for "precipitation".
  NWS Weather 
See "News" section of our website for a note on routes and downloading to your device.  If, like me, you have a Wahoo Elemnt, just copy the route to your own RideWithGPS account, and you can sync easily through your Wahoo phone app.

A couple alternate routes in case the wind is excessive:

  1. None.

  • The goal is to keep the group effort smooth and consistent during the ride.
  • In order to keep the effort smoother for everyone, the front riders will accelerate very gradually after stops and turns.
  • If you want to work more, please take a turn up front by announcing your request and safely making your way up to the front, e.g. at a stop light, when given the go-ahead.
  • We will target a Garmin rolling average of 15.5mph - 16.5mph. This typically means going ~1-3mph faster on flats.
  • We may go slower at times, we don't want to burn ourselves out on these long rides, so uphill and/or upwind sections will be taken at an easier pace so as to not expend our reserves.
  • We may go much faster at times and exceed 25mph, depending again on wind and hills.
  • Please review the route posted above carefully, and print or download to your bike computer.
  • See route for rest stop details.
  • This is a DROP RIDE. However, if we get separated at a traffic signal, or if there is a mechanical issue, we will soft pedal or stop to regroup.
  • Please have a sag plan in place in case you have gotten in over your head.
  • You should have successfully completed rides with Tweeners, DB Lite, or above to attempt this ride.

You are responsible for your own safety and the safety of everyone else in the group, so please RIDE STEADILY, BE PREDICTABLE, & COMMUNICATE while riding with our group and adhere to the following PBA rules:
  • Keep at least one hand on the handlebar at all times!
  • You must wear a helmet.
  • Headphones, speakers, and any form of music is not allowed.
  • Call out road hazards loudly so others will hear you.
  • Loudly call "SLOWING" if cyclists ahead of you slow down unexpectedly.
  • Please note: left is anything to the left of the left column; right is anything to the right of the right column; and middle is anything between the left and right column.
  • When the ride leader calls out "Prepare Left", the sweeper (last cyclist in the left column) is responsible for initiating group left lane change(s) when safe to do so by loudly calling out "Take It" and taking the lane first or holding the current lane while loudly calling out "Car Back".
  • Ride a straight line and do not overlap the wheel in front of you.
  • Loudly pass all messages pertaining to the group up to the ride leader, e.g. "Gap" if the group starts to separate, "Riders Back" if members get separated at a stoplight or similar, "Mechanical" if ANYTHING occurs that requires the group to stop, and "Rider(s) Down" if needed.
  • I strongly recommend lights even during daytime rides. The added visibility may save you from injury or worse!

The goal is to have fun while riding safely within our ride parameters and enjoying the outdoors. Please introduce yourself to anyone you haven't met before. We ride at a brisk, but social pace.