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Saturday DB Recreation

DB Rec 07/31/2021
By George Sun
Posted on 7/30/2021 9:40 AM
Cancelling the DBRec ride for tomorrow! Please jump on Tweeners Long, 50 miles or DB Lite, 52 miles tomorrow.   The plan for DBCentury Lite, August 7th, is still on.
Calling all DBRec Cycologists! We are taking down the distance this week to 52 miles! We will follow DBLite on a similar route with two rest-stops: Mile 26, and mile 44. This down week should get you rested for the following Saturday, August 7th, to tackle the DBCentury Lite (available for sign-up now). There will be not be separate DBRec ride next week. Let's do the DBCentury Lite together!
Please take hydration very serious this week!!! Wheels down at 7:00 AM!
07/31/2021 Route