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Saturday DB Recreation

Saturday DB Recreation
By Norman Hughes
Posted on 11/17/2020 9:48 AM

Ride Announcement –

DB Rec has gone into hiatus until Feb/Mar when we start to build up the miles again in preparation for the MS 150.  To fill that gap of a slower ride with a different route each week… Tweeners long is back! 

  • Tired of the same route every week?
  • Want tweener pace but new and fun routes? 
  • Not quite ready for DB Lite pace, but want a little more distance? 


If any of these applies to you, then you’ll enjoy adding Tweener long to your ride rotation! Tweeners long is a Tweener-paced group (15-16 avg) that will follow the route of the week for DB Lite. This also makes it a great weekend to move up to DB Lite knowing you have Tweener long behind to catch you if you need a slower pace.  



Of course we’ll also need a little coordination with the DB Lite group, since we cant post our route until they do.  That’s also a huge plus for this ride – trying to come up with a route can be a challenge, especially for a new ride leader, this takes away that challenge.