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DB2 6-22-24 7:00am
By Scott R Watters
Posted: 2024-06-21T13:03:00Z

Welcome to the "new" DB2! As announced by Richard, we will be following the DB1 route with maybe just a few less miles to keep within our established ride parameters. We will ride a more relaxed DB2 pace with the target moving average speed between 16.5 and 17 MPH. You must register on the website to participate in this ride. This is a drop ride so please choose wisely. It will be HOT, so make sure to hydrate early and carry enough water. We will make at least one rest stop with a possible second "splash and dash" if needed.

Arrive and be ready by 6:45am for attendance and to hear the speech. We will gather in the same space that DB Lite previously used.

Please download the route DB SW 55 ROYAL. The second optional stop will be the Racetrack at Parker & Josey. We can also choose to cut off the north section and go straight up Spring Creek depending on conditions.

Come ride with us!