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Saturday DB2

The Deuce: DB2 65.5 Aubrey 7:30am start 4/14
By John Bray
Posted on 4/13/2018 6:17 PM
DB2 is headed NW to Aubrey for 65 miles of lovin.. two rest stops around mile 20 and mile 45.  We will follow this route Click Here

Reminder: this is a DROP ride so please have a SAG plan if you should find yourself in a predicament.  We are following the same route and DB Rec so if you need to fall back that is also an option, as long as you let me know.  We will come in between the posted rolling avg of 17 - 18.5, I imagine a little slow going out and pick up speed coming back with a good tailwind.  

Check-in by 7:15 am, rubber side down 7:30 am