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Saturday DB1

DB1, 4/10/2021, Gunter!
By Brian Terrell
Posted on 4/8/2021 9:07 PM
Come ride with us!

We go from thinking the wind won't hurt us and being surprised by how much it does (last week) to knowing the wind will hurt us and being surprised by how little it does (this week). At least, that's how I'm spinning it. We're headed to Gunter on the DB1 Route Committee's most unimaginative route ever. A trip down memory lane reveals that when I led this ride on this route on February 1, 2014, it was 46 degrees and windy at the start of the ride and 44 and windier at the end. Our group of 8 riders piggy backed off of Fast 40 (see, there's nothing new under the sun!) to Virginia Parkway and then pace-lined on to our destination. Certain, unprepared members of the group underdressed, and, upon arrival, bought out the 2.5 star rest stop's entire supply of garden gloves. They are still talking about us up there.

This will be the ride of your life, but you must register first,