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Saturday Fast Forty

Fast Forty - August 6
By Dave Lorenzoni
Posted: 2022-08-05T15:00:00Z

Fast 40 for Saturday August 6th. Same route, same great group.

If you can't spare the time to ride DB Century, come spend it with Fast Forty.

Come join us for a quick ride and be back in the parking lot by 9:30

We welcome those from those who want to try a faster group with the benefit of being able to drop back to F40 Lite.

We have a 3 "go-zones" and regroup after each.

Start time: 7:00 a.m. CT.

Don't forget to start hydrating with water and electrolytes Friday.

Register here after you've logged into the PBA site:

Roll call begins at 6:45AM.

If we don't have 5 by 9:00PM on 7/29 we will either join with Fast 40 lite or cancel the ride.