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Saturday Novice

Novice Ride - 10 February 9AM
By Chrissie Taveira
Posted: 2024-02-10T03:57:11Z

Novice Riders!

Come Ride with Us!

Please arrive by 8:45AM for pre-ride housekeeping and information.

The weather forecast is pretty grim. Please watch for updates and/or cancellations. We will do our best to look into the crystal ball of weather -- and make a call by 7AM.

We are ever optimistic -- and have a new Rain Route to try out. 21ish miles with a rest stop at mile 15. This route is very easy to cut short at various points. We will not offer any bonus miles -- if we get a ride in at all, we will accept that we got lucky and not push it.

Ride Pace: 11-12 mph rolling average

Ride Leader/Sweeper Team

Cecilia Nguyen and Chrissie Taveira


PBA Novice Rain Route 2024