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Saturday Novice

Saturday, July 13th Novice Ride
By Joe Ellis
Posted on 7/12/2019 6:09 PM

PBA's Novice Ride will roll Saturday, JULY 13th at 7:00am with Joe Ellis as your ride leader. We will be doing the Plano route with one rest stop at the rec center and one sprint zone. This NO-DROP ride is 16.2 miles in length with a rolling average speed of 11-12 mph.  Ensure your bike is in good working order and you must wear a helmet on the ride. Guests are welcome.

Ride starts and ends at Gulledge Elementary School on Preston Meadow just south of Legacy. Be there at 6:45 for sign-in and the pre-ride safety speech. If you are new to group riding or new to the PBA, please read the PBA Ride Rules before the ride. They can be found on this website.

NOTE: Even though it will only be 75 degrees at start and 83at the end, we are right in the middle of our hot and humid riding season. There will be intense sun. It is imperative to remain hydrated. Before, during, and after the ride: drink, drink, drink. Water and some sort of electrolyte additive or drink. 

There will be an optional 10-mile ride starting at the conclusion of the 16.2-mile ride. The route follows the beginning of the Step-up ride for about 4 miles, then returns to the start. It will give those Novice riders a taste of the next ride up in the PBA ride hierarchy. Please note that there will be some lite climbing. This optional ride will go only if we have at least 6 in the group. This will be the same addition as we have done in the past. I will bring a cooler with extra ice and electrolyte water as well as a few energy snacks as there are no facilities at Gulledge


Here is the route link  Novice Plano 16.2 miles

And with extension    Novice Plano 16.2 miles plus 10

See you Saturday!!