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Saturday Novice

Novice Ride - 27 May 2023 7:30AM
By Chrissie Taveira
Posted: 2023-05-25T02:24:47Z

Novice Riders!

Come Ride with Us!

Please arrive by 7:15AM for pre-ride housekeeping and information. The weather looks to be cooler than normal temperatures for this time of year -- it is going to be a wonderful day for a ride! Although it is not too hot yet, please do bring 2 water bottles and start hydrating on Friday. This is a really good habit as we do have summer approaching fast!

Ride Pace: 11-12 mph rolling average

Ride Leader/Sweeper Team

Cecilia Nguyen and Chrissie Taveira


Novice NW 20 Frisco 2023