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Saturday Novice

Saturday, 22 October
By Chrissie Taveira
Posted: 2022-10-20T17:50:35Z

Novice Riders! Come Ride with Us!


The current forecast for Saturday morning is Sunny, 80s, and very very windy. Wind gusts exceeding 30mph. If that forecast does not change -- Novice will not roll on Saturday. Please watch for updates. ;-(

The plan for this Saturday is to start with a standard 18 Mile Novice Route -- and for those who would like a little extra, we will add a 10ish Miles Bonus Loop at the end. I will bring a cooler so you can replenish your water before we add on those extra miles.

The extra miles are only for those who would like to add some mileage and are completely optional.

Wheels down at 8AM please arrive in the parking lot by 7:45AM for our pre-ride attendance check and announcements.

Ride Pace: 11-12 mph rolling average

Route: PBA Novice_18 Route 4

PBA Novice 18

Bonus Miles: PBA Novice 10 Bonus Miles

Novice 10 Bonus Loop

Chrissie Taveira and Cecilia Nguyen will be your ride leader/sweeper team this weekend!