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Saturday Step-Up

Step-Up for April 20th, 7:30 AM Start
By Jeffrey Totaro
Posted on 4/18/2019 4:36 PM
Step-Up Ride for Saturday, April 20th -- scheduled start time is 7:30 AM.  Hard to believe maybe, but there should be no weather issues this Saturday -- Temps in low 50's to start, winds light (3-7 mph), almost no chance of rain.  The Step-Up Ride start area is at the Gulledge Elementary School (west side Preston Meadow, just south of Legacy). Please sign-in by 7:00 AM for the pre-ride safety briefing so we'll be able to start as scheduled.    Please have checked and aired up your bike prior to the pre-ride briefing and remember helmet, water, and tire repair kit.   The Step-Up route is posted on the RidewithGPS PBA Club Route Library under the title "SU_31.3_AllenHeights_OakPtPark".

Standard adverse weather announcement, which everyone has become very familiar with this year, follows:
On Saturday morning, check the weather outside to see if you think our plans might be changing.  If so, check this blog post and
the PBA group Facebook page
.   Any needed announcement will be posted by 6:15 AM Saturday morning.  If you don't see an
announcement by 6:30 AM, then I'm headed to the start area and we'll call a go-no from there.  (As always, announcements for
all developmental rides -- of which Step-Up is one -- put out by Ron Shome, the PBA Ride Coordinator, supersedes whatever I
might be considering or posting, so look for anything from him as well).