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Saturday B Squared

B2 Ride for April 10th -- 7:30 AM Start
By Jeffrey Totaro
Posted on 4/8/2021 4:10 PM
As of Thursday afternoon, the Saturday, 10th April 7:30 AM weather forecast is for low chance of rain with temps in the low 50s F. Winds are predicted to be fairly high -- NNW 12-15 mph with gusts in the low 20s mph.  If rain does come or winds are markedly higher than now predicted check this space for any update which would be posted no later than 5:50 AM Saturday morning.  If you don't see any post by 6:05 AM, I'll be headed to the start area planning to start at 7:30 AM.  Please look on the Facebook PBA group page also for any announcement from the PBA Ride Coordinator, Norm Hughes, as well who may assess actual or expected conditions and decide to cancel all Saturday morning PBA developmental rides (of which B2 is one).

The ride start area is at the Gulledge Elementary School (west side Preston Meadow just south of Legacy). Please be ready at the start area 15 minutes prior to the start time for the pre-ride safety briefing and attendance taking so we'll be able to start as planned.  Masks are required to be worn in the Start area before and after the ride and at the rest stops.  Please have checked and aired up your bike prior to the pre-ride briefing and remember helmet, water, and tire repair kit and dress for the expected conditions. Please register on the Calendar page of the PBA website for one of the available slots and if you do register and later change your plan to attend, please cancel your reservation. 

The link to the planned route for April 10th's  42.3 mile B2 Ride is:  This route is known as the B2 Independence/Murphy Road Route.  There will be a rest stop at the 20 mile mark and another at the 31 mile mark.

The B2 ride target pace is a 14 -15 mph avg speed over the route.  Rolling speed at any one point might be anywhere from 10 to 25 mph due to hills.  This is a no-drop ride.