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Saturday B Squared

B^2 Leap Day Summary
By J. G. Gruver
Posted on 2/29/2020 6:29 PM

Folks, your summary for the Leap Day B^2 follows.  I show we averaged 14.5 mph which is mid-range for B^2. First, let us thank the weather for being almost perfect which assisted in making the ride just plain awesome.  First, we have to thank our Leader Robert G for running a good show and keeping a pace which helped to keep a cohesive ride.  Of course the 19 riders (plus a few we gained from Tweeners) did their share as well to make for an easy ride for the Leader and Sweeper.  It was nice to have the luxury of having at least 3 extra ride leaders should we have had to make any adjustments.  Let’s not forget to thank Susan for helping with a “detour” due to the running event on the route.  Then we need to thank Sam for taking the short-cut to help our over-extended rider to the rest stop.  And then to Chrissie for bringing the rider home.  Then those brave four I coerced into getting a few extra miles.  That extra was definitely a fun challenge, I hope they enjoyed the experience.  I hear your ride leader for next week is Robert, again.  But the duo of the 2-G’s will be back in about a month, in the meantime ride hard and be safe.  Just as a note normally we would single up when a faster group is passing but with the size of the group and the size of the passing groups and the fact the extra lanes were there, it was determined just slowing down was a better alternative.

Regards, John G.