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Saturday B Squared

B^2 (42@14-15) July 13, 07:00
By J. G. Gruver
Posted on 7/6/2019 2:50 PM

B^2 (42@14-15) 6 July 2019, onwards to 13 July 2019.  Thanks to everyone who rode one of the 2 groups today.  Some of you may be ready to move up to Tweeners, we wish you the best if you decide to move on with your development.  A special shout out to your ride leaders today, The Coopers (2), Anne and Susan, they did an awesome job and brought everyone home.  The special weigh-in was interesting as I believe some were amazed at how much they lost (hydrate).  Next week Robert G will be your ride leader, look for any notices on any changes, if any, to the ride from him.  Keep riding some during the week to maintain, strengthen, and improve.  B^2 as always will be ready for you, please do the same. To those of you considering moving up to B^2 on the 13th, that step can be extra hard if it is really hot or windy, don’t chance a heat related injury.  Regards