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Saturday B Squared

B^2 21Sep2019. (42@14-15) @ 7:30
By J. G. Gruver
Posted on 9/20/2019 5:54 PM
B^2 (42miles @ 14-15 mph) Ride Rolls at 7:30
The ride is on your Ride leader is Miquelito H.  
Everything on this ride is standard unless changed by the Ride Leader or Ron S.
Please be there geared up and ready roll prior to sign in.  Required Sign-in and PBA Safety Briefing 7:15, ride rolls at 7:30 or as soon as the Tweeners slog by.
Route is on this website (Independence or Gulledge II)
Please note the winds are up for tomorrow, developmental rides do not roll if the winds are over 18, roads are wet, or temperatures are under 50.  If the winds are up as forecast, making this ride a challenge. For many it may not bet the best weekend to step up to the next level, make a wise decision.  Temperatures may be a little lower than they have been but it is still hot and the winds will possibly make up the difference.  Prepare wisely.
Yes, you have to wait 13.4 hours before we roll and have some fun, so sleep well.
Be strong, Be Safe, Be Squared.