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Wednesday Night ABCD

WNR 7/4/18 will be a MORNING RIDE @7:30am
By Ron Shome
Posted on 6/30/2018 3:38 PM
Please note, WNR for 7/4/18 will roll in the morning due to the evening-centered holiday.  We'll meet at the usual location (Spring Creek and Coit) and depart at 7:30am.

We'll have an A ride led by Richard Bohonsky with a 41 mile route (Richard added 10 miles or so to the normal route).

Our B ride will be led by Ken Frauli, and I'll update this post once I know which route he has chosen (standard, long including Windhaven, or Richard's).

Our C ride will be the standard or long (including Windhaven) option, we may offer both and split at Valero on Spring Creek and Headquarters, once all C riders reach that point.

Our D ride will be the standard D route.

Our E ride will be led by Kevin Reagan, Chrissie Taveira, and Jeni Goolsby and will be 22 miles long at 13-14mph with one rest stop.