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Sunday Tempo

December 12, 2021 Tempo Ride
By J. G. Gruver
Posted on 12/7/2021 7:27 PM

Tempo Riders:

We have been spoiled by the weather this winter. 

One of the advantages of the riding mild winter weather is it is a great time to ride fast and long without worry about heat related challenges. Many rides of late we have been flying probably for that reason. But let’s remember we are a group ride not a race.  We would rather finish together over breaking a PR, I say that with all sincerity. And in this instance and probably the only time, I speak for all Tempo riders.


Registration Opens:  Wednesday at 6:01 a.m.

Start:  9:00 a.m. SC&C

Changes:  Ride time delays or cancelations are posted on the calendar and this blog.  However, should the weather not be of your liking the ultimate decision to ride rests with you.

Goal:  Average 16.5 mph, which means we ride well over that speed most of the time.  Last weekend we made goal because Team Tempo shared the load at the front.  Please note it is an honor to pull so everyone wants to pull.  But it is never required as we all have days we need to sit in and just enjoy Tempo.  


Wisely:  Be wise in your choice of rides so that you can get the most enjoyment out of your time on your two-wheeler. Read the small print!  J


Future Rides:  Please post to the blog if you are interested in a ride on 12/26/2021 & 1/2/2022. I know it is the Holiday Season and I am uncertain if there are enough riders to make a ride. There was verbal interest, but only 2 riders have stated as a comment to the blog.  Two riders a ride does not make.


Ride Rule #1:  Safety is ever rider’s responsibility!

Ride Rule #2:  We ride to have fun! 

Ride Rule #3:  Insert your most important rule here!


Not every ride is what every rider is looking to ride. A ride is no fun for you or other, if after it starts you determine this isn’t your ride.  If you have questions about the ride ask in the comments section.



J. G.


Be Healthy, Be Swift, Be Safe, Be Early, and Be There when we ride and ride we do!