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Sunday Tempo

August 1 Summary. 16.50 and a little 16.75
By J. G. Gruver
Posted on 8/1/2021 3:07 PM
Tempo Riders,
Thanks to all the riders on 16.50 and 16.75 today.  Both rides had a good ride albeit 16.50 being better looking and such did fall short of their goal, but I don't think anyone was complaining (you know there is no complaining allowed on a Tempo ride), everyone was just happy to finally get into the shower at home.  We did toss up the option to just sit at the rest stop and call a DART bus to come get us as we had good seats in the shade with a breeze.  But reality crept in and on we went.  And of course everyone knows while you are going up Renner towards Independence and when you see that big flag yonder at the car dealer and it is blowing backwards, well nasty thoughts come to your head.  Yes, the wind did shift to the North while we were on Renner.
I heard Tempo 16.75 came in a little over budget, but as 16.50, I heard no complaints.
Thanks to everyone for making it a good ride today.  And as always those of us who sit at the back are thankful for those who pull us at insane speeds to which we can't do ourselves.  And for those of you who rode to the ride and home, you cheated on getting extra miles, no fair.  It means I have to ride this evening to keep up with you.  Record your miles on Love to ride, there is no reason in my opinion PBA should have less than 100,000 every month (considering PBA gets 80,000 with less than 300 riders of a membership of 1200, reporting miles).
Hope, everyone has a healthy, and safe week.  And may you be lucky enough to get a few miles in so you can stay acclimated!  Hope to see you next weekend.
J.G. will probably be the RL for 16.50 this coming week. Right now the RL for 16.75, we will have to see what plays out.
BUT!  If there is a RL class scheduled consider attending so you can fill in if necessary.

Be Swift, Be Healthy, Be Safe, AND Be there when we RIDE and ride we do.