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Sunday Tempo

Summary for Tempo 4/18 Sunday @ 9:00
By J. G. Gruver
Posted on 4/14/2021 6:40 AM

Alegre Riders,

Registration is now open for the weekend Sunday 18 April @ 9:00 a.m.

Please make sure you sign up for your intended ride, the names are similar but the faces are different as are the rides themselves.

Registration:  On line registration required, 32 openings, we will divide into 2 groups if there are more than 24 riders keeping in line with the original character and goal of the “ride”.  We will try this larger size for the next 2 rides, if we get a minimum of 24 riders we will continue, if not we will revert to 14 riders.

Goal:  16.5 mph.  Last week we were 16.8, but the weather was cooperative.  Both groups goal will be the same 16.5.  The size is to make for a smooth flowing group.  The split is not for speed.  You want faster “Plus” is there and slower is down the street.

Start Time:  9:00, be there and ready to roll at 8:45 for the pre-ride festivities. 

Drop/No Drop:  This is a no drop ride. We start together and finish together.  If we split in the parking each group will follow the Tempo standard.

Safety:  As all PBA riders know safety is the responsibility of all riders.  We work hard to maintain a smooth and even Tempo during this ride.  And, so we ask in exchange for you work and concentrate on being focused on being an excellent rider during our approximate 2.5 hours together.  This makes for ride where you will feel you have improved and makes the ride fun for all.  Safety also includes the Covid rules please review them.

Sprint zones:  We don’t have “those things”, if you feel strong spend more time up front.  The first five rows of riders will be for those who want to be in the pulling rotation.

Route:  On the calendar it is called the Winter Route, but most of us know it as Sunday Funday in the PBA ride library.

Updates:  This ride only posts on the PBA website.  Changes made to the calendar result in an email (goes to my junk).  Changes to this blog send you and email if you subscribe (recommend that option and then unsubscribe when you move on to another ride).

We ride for fun and are most happy when our little feet are spinning those pedals.




Be Safe, Be Healthy, and Be There When We Ride and we do!