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Sunday Caffeine Cruise

Caffeine Cruise - Sunday, February 23th, 8AM
By Chris Rajczi
Posted on 2/22/2020 12:02 PM
For the moment, the forecast is showing clear in the morning.  One shows the raining coming in around noon and the other shows the rain starting in the evening.  With luck, we will ride but clearly earlier is better.  The temperature at 8am is around 50 climbing a few degrees while we ride.  Winds will be quote strong around 10mph from the south.

As always, we will have the 17 mile route with a 10 mile optional cut-off for any that want to take it.  IF we have enough ride leaders to split the group after the second sprint zone, I will take those that want to go north into Frisco for an extra 15 miles (making a 32 mile total).  If there are not enough leaders to split, we can return and consider our options in the parking lot for extra miles.

Of course, everything is contingent on weather.  Please arrive by 7:45 for the sign-in and pre-ride for a prompt roll out at 8am.