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Tuesday Night Ladies Ride

TNLR 9 August
By Chrissie Taveira
Posted: 2022-08-08T05:00:00Z

Tuesday Night Ladies Ride

August 9

6PM Roll Time

We have a break from the heat! However, there is a chance of rain -- so please watch for updates.

Although it will be slightly cooler tomorrow, please hydrate and bring water to the ride. Keep drinking (water) throughout the day.

We will be doing our regular 24 mile route this week.

The Ladies ride groups ride to the slowest rider within the pace range. The average speed will change from week to week depending on the dynamic of the group. Large groups will divide in the parking lot, and the first group to roll traditionally are the folks wanting to push the pace. It is ok to roll with the first group, and then stop at the rest stop and wait for the next group to pick you up. That is how you get stronger and faster.

The Chatty ride is not a Novice ride. If you are successfully able to ride a Step-Up ride, you will be successful on the Chatty ride. The Chatty ride will ride to the slowest rider, and Chatty may also split into two pace groups.

TNLR has 2 Pace Groups! If the groups are large -- we will either split the groups in the parking lot -- or after the first 3-5 miles of the ride.

Serious (15-17) -- If you start with Serious and are not able to hold the pace, there is the option to wait for the Chatty group to pick you up.

Chatty (13-15)

PBA Ladies Route 24 2022

Ride Rolls from Windhaven Meadows Park at 6PM. Please arrive by 5:45 for pre-ride housekeeping.

After the ride, we meet up at Café Gecko for after-ride snacks.

6145 Windhaven Pkwy, Plano, TX 75093