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Tuesday Night Ladies Ride

Tuesday Night Ladies Ride
By Chrissie Taveira
Posted on 4/12/2021 12:06 PM
Ladies of PBA!
Tuesday Night Ladies Ride Tomorrow! 4/13/2021
Do watch the site for updates -- Spring is here and the weather is a bit unpredictable. Currently, the forecast is at 50/50 chance for thundershowers. But - you never know!
PBA Tuesday Night Ladies Ride
Tuesday Night Ladies Only Ride
Look for an update by 2PM tomorrow.
Start Location:
Windhaven Meadows Park
5400 Windhaven PKWY
Plano, TX 75093
Parking in the Far NW Corner
New Route:
We are offering a 4th Pace Group this week (Social-LITE). This ride will only be 11 miles, with a 12-14mph pace. The idea for the Social-LITE ride is for those ladies who have not been on the bike for a while -- we are only going to concentrate on the first part of the route while also working on and focusing on various group riding skills. This pace group will likely only be offered in March and April; however, depending on demand may continue into the Ladies' Ride Season.
Please sign up for the ride you plan to start on. It is perfectly acceptable to start with one group and drop back to another group at the rest stop. This is one way to get stronger and faster (for those of you who care about getting stronger and faster.......LOL)
4 Pace Groups:
Renegades (Drop): 17+
Serious (No Drop): 15-16.5
Chatty (No Drop): 13.5 - 15
Social Lite (No Drop) (Shorter 11 mile route 12-14mph pace)
You need to log in to your PBA account in order to register for the ride.