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Sunday Bikes N Bagels Classic

3/8 BnB Classic to Sachse/8am or Dalrock/9am
By Tim Elliott
Posted on 3/7/2020 5:07 PM
Yes, 8 am for the "C" ride, and remember to set your clocks ahead tonight.  Daryn will be leading the "B" group to Dalrock at 9am.

Winds are out of the SSE or thereabouts so Sachse/Rowlett it is.

I did a longish ride today (55 miles, which for me is long right now).  I will not be shocked if my legs are less-than-amazing on hills tomorrow.  You have been warned.

The other details:

  • For "C" group expect an average speed somewhere in our 15.5 -17 mph range. Since "C" is a no drop ride, as long as someone is in the posted range we will stick with them.
  • For "B" it is 17-18.5 mph DROP.  
  • Depart from our usual Bagels Classic location at Legacy and Independence just north of Dunkin' Donuts.
  • Separate sign in and briefing from the "other" Bagels ride. We normally do sign in just south &/or west of the regular Bagels group, but still north of Dunkin'.
  • Wheels down at 8:00 AM for "C" so be there ready to ride for sign in by 7:50.
  • The "C" route will be a variation on our old route.  There is one bit I haven't ridden in a while and another I haven't ridden at all that may have had issues last year, so if that part sucks it's only a few miles and we can learn from my mistakes.
  • The rest stop for "C" is almost 34 miles in.  We could instead stop around mile 31 if there is a need.
  • The "B" route is this one to Dalrock with the rest stop at about mile 29.
  • Since "C" won't be behind "B" as a fallback, choose wisely.  Actually, always choose wisely, but you know what I mean.
See ya there!