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Sunday Bikes N Bagels Classic (Not Active)

Bikes N Bagles Classic on Hold
By Jim Sanders
Posted: 2021-06-15T22:30:00Z
All rides depend on two things, ride leaders and enough people signing up to make the ride maintainable.  In the case of BNB Classic, we have been averaging only about 4 people the last few weeks.  Our thoughts are that the combination of a Sunday ride just after people were going hard on Saturday, the ride not having been revived very long, and hot weather coming on make a 51 mile ride on Sunday not very well Attended.

We are suspending Bikes N Bagles Classic for the foreseeable future.

We  are going to expand Sunday Tempo from 16 to 30 riders.  It will split into two groups.  

Please note, Tempo is not Bikes N Bagles.  The ride I will be leading will keep the pace to around 16.75 while the second group is a bit slower at 16.5.  The distance is just under 42 miles

If one of those speeds interest you at that distance, come on out.  If you want something a bit faster, consider Tempo Plus.

Tempo  is a recovery/no drop ride after people have ridden hard on Saturday.  It is kept to a fairly strict pace.

Thanks to those that came out for BnB Classic.  It may not be dead yet as things keep loosening up and more people become ride leaders.