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Sunday Bikes N Bagels Classic

Bikes N Bagles Classic on Hold
By Jim Sanders
Posted on 6/15/2021 5:30 PM
All rides depend on two things, ride leaders and enough people signing up to make the ride maintainable.  In the case of BNB Classic, we have been averaging only about 4 people the last few weeks.  Our thoughts are that the combination of a Sunday ride just after people were going hard on Saturday, the ride not having been revived very long, and hot weather coming on make a 51 mile ride on Sunday not very well Attended.

We are suspending Bikes N Bagles Classic for the foreseeable future.

We  are going to expand Sunday Tempo from 16 to 30 riders.  It will split into two groups.  

Please note, Tempo is not Bikes N Bagles.  The ride I will be leading will keep the pace to around 16.75 while the second group is a bit slower at 16.5.  The distance is just under 42 miles

If one of those speeds interest you at that distance, come on out.  If you want something a bit faster, consider Tempo Plus.

Tempo  is a recovery/no drop ride after people have ridden hard on Saturday.  It is kept to a fairly strict pace.

Thanks to those that came out for BnB Classic.  It may not be dead yet as things keep loosening up and more people become ride leaders.