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Sunday Bikes N Bagels Classic

6/30 BnBC 51 mi to Sachse @ 7:00am
By Tim Elliott
Posted on 6/29/2019 4:41 PM
So...I've been getting more feedback that people aren't liking the conditions on Pleasant Valley, and the traffic is getting worse there as well, so while we are technically going "to Sachse" (assuming it isn't raining or rain isn't imminent), the route we'll try this week will only put us on the fringes of town.  Let's consider the route this week test route #1.

The usual details:

  • Expect an average speed somewhere in our 15.5 -16.5 mph range.  As always, we'll see where we fall in the speed spectrum. Since this is a no drop ride, as long as someone is in the posted range we will stick with them.
  • Depart from the usual Bagels location at Legacy and Independence just north of Dunkin' Donuts.
  • Separate sign in and briefing from the "other" Bagels ride. We normally do sign-in just south of the regular Bagels group, but still north of Dunkin'.
  • Wheels down at 7:00 AM, so be there ready to ride for sign in by 6:50.
  • The route will be this one that gets deeper into Rowlett.  I'm not married to this route so all comments are welcome.
  • The rest stop is almost 34 miles in.  We could also stop a couple of miles earlier if there is a need.  Net takeaway: bring plenty of hydration.
  • As I said this is a no-drop ride, but choose wisely.
  • If the weather looks iffy enough to cancel I'll do so by 6am.  As always, management reserves the right to cancel at any time, even once the ride has started.

See you in the AM!