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Sunday Adventure Ride

Sunday Adventure Lite 10/1/2023 8AM Start
By Chrissie Taveira
Posted: 2023-09-29T16:05:37Z


Arrive at the start by 7:45 for pre-ride housekeeping.

We have a special bit of fun planned for this week. The inspirations for the route this week are. Gary Croll, Tim Elliot, and Mike Emmons -- feel free to "thank" them for the lovely back-to-back hills before the rest stop!

DO NOT DESPAIR -- If you do not feel like taking Windhaven and then crawling up Spring Creek -- you can take the rest stop early and wait for the over-achievers and your pathetic ride leader who will be taking up the rear.

If you choose not to do the hill adventure -- Sunday's route will be 26 miles with a nice long rest stop. If you do plan on the full 32 miles -- you will still get a rest stop, but make it snappy, because the folks who waited will be ready to roll.

As of now, the weather for Sunday looks nice. However, that can change as we all discovered last week.

Be sure to bring water bottles. We have a 32 mile route or a 26 mile route option. The rest stop is around mile 17 or 22 depending on whether or not you choose to do the hills.


Registration is required for PBA rides:

Register Here


 The ride average is 14-16 - some weeks we ride a little faster and some weeks we ride a little slower. This is a no drop ride and we will adjust for the slowest rider. Please review the parameters and choose your ride wisely.


Roll time - 7:30AM

Pace: 14-16 mph

No Drop

Location: Regular Sunday Adventure Lite location - Legacy and Independence, north of Dunkin Donuts.

Please arrive 15 minutes prior to departure.



AR Windhaven Optional 32/26 2023