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Monthly Saturday Gravel Ride

September Gravel Ride 9/9/23
By Craig D Smith
Posted: 2023-09-03T16:07:24Z

Between being busy this summer and the extreme heat, we haven't done a PBA Gravel Ride in awhile.

Will will ride on Sat Sept 9th. This one will be a little different. It will be a multi-surface ride in the White Rock Lake area. 

Yes, there will be some gravel, but we will also ride on regular streets, bike paths, alleyways, and single track paths in various parks. Portions may be challenging to some, with some climbs and descents. This would not be considered a "beginner gravel ride", however one can always dismount and walk your bike if needed. See "media references" below to get an idea what the ride will entail.

Meeting place and time:

Saturday 9/9/23, rolling at 7:30 a.m.

Dallas Bike Works (parking lot behind the building)

4875 W Lawther Blvd

Dallas, TX 75214


Any bike with at least a 35 mm knobby tire will work. A gravel Bike, hybrid bike, or mountain bike. Bring an spare inner tube, even if you run tubeless.


22 Miles. Overall average will be about 10 mph, but speeds will vary greatly depending on surfaces. Rest stop at 10 miles. Note I don't have unpaved surfaces tagged in this route.

White Rock Gravel

Additional 10 miles:

If 22 miles isn't enough, we have an option for an additional 10 miles, up to Harry Moss park, in which we'll ride a "gravel bike friendly" portion of the Harry Moss DORBA trail.

White Rock Extra 10

Riding Skills

As mentioned, this is a multi-surface ride. Transitioning to/from paved and unpaved surfaces will be common. Also, portions on the bike path will have pedestrians and other bikers since we'll be riding on a Saturday morning. Pedestrians are very good about staying on the right side of the path, but we need to be careful when passing. When riding off pavement, one must be very attentive, watch for tree branches and items that can cause peddle strike.

Skills that help, but not required

--Any MTB experience

--Being able to hop up a curb and ride down a curb

--If you clip in, being able to unclip from the "other foot"

--Moving to the drops when going downhill on rough surfaces (better grip than the hoods)

Media References

I have to give full credit to the White Rock Ramble, which I've been riding with the past few months. Below is their Instagram page, which has some pics and a couple of videos.

Some pictures I've taken from various White Rock Ramble rides

Also, three of us did a pre-ride, check out Paul Wilhelm's post on the PBA FB page from 9/2