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Monthly Saturday Gravel Ride

Trinity Floodway gravel ride 03/27 @ 7:30am
By Paul G Wilhelm
Posted on 3/24/2021 12:00 PM
** Update 03/27/21: Gravel ride cancelled **

The address is 301 Canada Dr 
MAP and free parking is available at the Trinity Skyline Trail lot next the Ron Kirk bridge. DO NOT park in the Trinity Grove restaurant gravel parking. I will be in the blue Ford Escape w/ the olive green bike and plan on being there at 7:00 AM. Registration is required and must be a PBA member.

This ride consists of 1.7 loops (28 miles) along with the Harry Hines leg (8 additional miles). If this leg is too muddy, we will do the I-30 leg (8 additional miles as well). Pace is about 11-13 miles avg. The 1st gravel loop will be the lower perimeter road; the 2nd, levee tops which will include descents and ascents. Same route but different perspectives.

All kinds of technical conditions will be encountered, pea gravel, loose gravel, chunky gravel, deep gravel, sand-like gravel, broken pavement, hard-packed dirt, maybe even some mud(?).

The ride is no-drop but that being said, if one is new to gravel, this might not be the place. The 1st loop is 15 miles and will pass by the parking lot as we go on to the the levee tops so one can bail if needed. Also, the better the bike, the more fun it will be. Think gravel-specific, Cross, MTB, bike-packing. While 32-35mm wide tires should be ok, 38mm and beyond will allow better flotation. Tubeless or sealant-filled inner tubes are highly recommended as there are mini thorns in certain places.
There are NO water stops so plan accordingly w/ water and nutrition.