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Monthly Saturday Gravel Ride

November Gravel Ride (11/9) - 10 AM
By Tony Ward
Posted on 11/6/2019 5:40 PM

GRAVEL RIDE November is Saturday (11/9).  Given the current weather forecast, I’m thinking a 10 am start from the Onion Shed in Farmersville.  Hopefully it will be a warm, beautiful and dry day to ride.    Watch this thread for updates due to weather issues.


Here are the details:

Saturday 11/9 10:00 AM. 32 miles start just west of the Onion Shed in Farmersville

Please be ready to sign-in and listen the speech by 9:45am. 

Meeting Point : just west of The Onion Shed in Downtown Farmersville, 154 S Main St; Farmersville TX 75442

here is a map for parking:


This is the planned route if it seems like conditions have dried out a bit:  

Planned Route:


If conditions seem muddy, we will be riding this route as an out-and-back to avoid the dirt roads.

Alternate Route:



We will stay together but not in a tight formation like on regular roads. There will be frequent regroups at intersections. Approximate pace will be 10-12 mph, which is a rough equivalent effort to 16-17 mph on the road.



Bring your Gravel/Cross/Mountain bike out and join the fun! For those who have never ridden gravel before but are curious here are a few tips:

* GRAVEL is more work than riding paved roads, you will eat more food and drink more water (yes even at 10 mph). For the best experience, it is recommended you regularly ride Tweeners or above for the most enjoyable experience

* GRAVEL is an Adventure - plan to get dirty, water a tree (there are no facilities on the route), and have a good time with your friends

* GRAVEL can be unpredictable - therefore when it comes to tires, the wider the better. I will be on my mountain bike but that is not required. HOWEVER, you don't want to be on 23 mm road tires!!!

* GRAVEL riders are self sufficient - be sure to bring everything you and your bike needs for a successful ride (food, water, spare tubes, pump, tire levers, etc.)