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Saturday Forty Lite

40 lite
By John Baima
Posted on 7/28/2021 6:20 PM

The Phoenix has arisen! Fast 40 lite is back! It is going to be HOT this Saturday. And, while I know that some of you really, really enjoy temps that can almost melt Titanium, and just cherish those long, LONG rides in oppressive heat to see how much you can sweat and not lose your grip on your handlebars and fall over, some of you may not. Why not get a good ride in and be done by 10 before the sun starts melting things? We will aim for the low end of the F40 lite mph target--17.5 (yes, I’m not very fit and I would prefer not to be dropped by the ride I’m leading) which should still get us back to the parking lot by 10. Our normal gathering site is just to the north of the regular F40 group. Come on and give it a shot! I need some people to draft, I mean, ride with me! Sat, 7AM blast off! We will follow the normal F40 route, and we need 8 by 8pm Friday to sign up.