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Saturday Tweeners Long

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Saturday Tweeners Long
Tweeners Long - 11/21/2020 8am
By Trey Anderson
Posted on 11/19/2020 9:29 AM
Tweeners Long will ride to Rowlett for a total of 55 miles.
  • Max 20 total riders (second group will be created if we have an additional ride leader) - first come, first serve via online sign-in sheet 
  • Reserved to PBA members ONLY
  • All riders must wear a face mask before the ride starts, at rest stops, and when the ride concludes. If you do not, the Ride Leader will ask you to leave the group.
  • Riders should bring their own hand sanitizer.
  • Riders are asked to respect the distance between other riders in the parking lot, rest-stops and during the ride.
  • PROHIBITED: Spitting, “snot rockets,” and other similar types of unsanitary behavior.
  • Coughing and sneezing must be covered, preferably into the crook of your arm.
  • Do not touch another rider or rider's belongings, including their bike, without their personal consent.
  • Riders are expected to be fully aware of and compliant with PBA ride policies and etiquette.
  • All riders within a group are affected by struggling riders; be certain you choose the ride best suited to your current skill level. If you have not been riding consistently, we suggest choosing a ride level lower than what you would normally ride.
  • Have pre-arranged SAG support, phone, and contact to support yourself in case you cannot complete a chosen ride.
  • Please take turns and voluntarily limit the number of members inside a rest stop.