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DB Century

DB Century Lite September 2 2023
By Linda Vinson
Posted: 2023-08-29T23:18:00Z

Calling all Cycologists!

Please join us for the monthly PBA DB Century Lite Ride for September. We will ride 101 miles to Oak Point and Frisco. This is the same route that we did earlier in the summer, and it allows us to add ad hoc rest stops for water refills or breaks in case of excessive heat.

We are planning 3 rest stops:

- Stop 1 at 33 miles

- Stop 2 at 66 miles

- Stop 3 at 82 miles

Our target pace will be 16.5 - 17.5, but the main goal is for the group to start and finish together.

We will leave at 6:30 AM in order to beat the heat as much as possible and to return at a reasonable time.

DB Century Lite Oakpoint - Frisco