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DB Century
DB Century Ride - COMING SOON
DB Century April 3, 2021
By Marvin Barnes
Posted on 3/31/2021 8:33 AM

DB Century will be making its debut this Saturday April 3rdat 8:00 AM. You should be comfortable riding a DB2 pace (17-18.5mph) on this ride. Our goal is to keep everyone together and will re-group if we get spread out during fast sections.  This is a DROP ride and may be on unfamiliar and remote roads.  Have a SAG plan and an emergency contact available if needed.  The group will stop for mechanicals, and riders will not be dropped at stop lights.  There will be a minimum of 2-3 rest stops, and more as conditions and the group requires.

Please sign up on the PBA website and plan to arrive at the start by 7:45 to hear the pre-ride speech. Start location Spring Creek and Coit.