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Olé, 9/18/2021, Altoga (Sun & Ski)!
By Brian Terrell
Posted on 9/16/2021 9:31 PM
Come ride with us!

First things first...Olé starts from Sun & Ski Frisco at 7:30 on Saturday. You will recognize this as an out of the ordinary, unusual, irregularly scheduled departure location. If somehow management overrules the Route Committee on this, we'll figure something else out. Otherwise, please take this under advisement before moving to the next paragraph.

After hitting that logistical curve ball out of the park, it's on to Altoga and beyond. Please...if chipseal or gravel has slipped into this route unbeknownst to the Powers That Be, please let me know and I'll tell them.

Otherwise, please register and I'll see you at Sun & Ski in Frisco.